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I was very happy to find this site.

Dawn Green

I've finished reading book. This is great.

Alicia House

So far this is the best book I have read, Truly extraordinary.


I really like the story Dear Friends Letters from Abroad. I didn't expect it would be this good. I really hope the author will continue to update the story. This has a lot of potential, I hope you won't just give up. Keep working well, please.

Karyme Avalos

I love this book.

Clare Rhoden

Dear Friends Letters from Abroad is a very good book.


Betty B.

I just finished your book and found the story line very interesting.  Are you planning a sequel  about Mary and Lizzie's lives after they are reunited in London?  

Lyndy Lou

Started reading the book this evening and can't put it down - I am over half way through already.  It flows so beautifully. Going to try to go to bed now, but really want to carry on reading.

Sharon - Leeds

Bought the book to read on holiday. Really enjoyed it whilst relaxing by the swimming pool.